Nao comes with 25 degrees of freedom for great mobility. The inertial sensor provides great stability while moving and enables positioning within space. Sonars and FSRs allow Nao to detect its environment and to navigate seamlessly. His state-of-the-art onboard actuators give Nao extreme precision in its movements.


Nao features embedded software modules allowing text to speech, sound localization, visual pattern and coloured shape detection, obstacle detection (based on the two channel sonar system) and visual effects or communication through the many LEDs.


Nao contains an open framework which allows distributed software modules to interact together seamlessly. Depending on the user’s expertise, Nao can be controlled via Choregraphe®, our user friendly behavior editor, by programming C++ modules, or by interacting with a rich API from scripting languages.In addition to the high level API which allows users to make Nao walk and balance, advanced users can take advantage of low level access to sensors and actuators and can, if they wish, replace our code with custom adaptations.In order to allow users to validate motion sequences, simulators are available for Microsoft Robotics Studio and Webots.


Nao can be personalized with different colors (red, blue or customized colors...). His integrated multimedia components (Hi-Fi speakers system, microphones system, 2 digital cameras) allow many different capabilities like speech, playing music, localizing sound sources or face detection programs.



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