Project leader: Daqing Zhang, Lin Sun, RST Departement

Project description :

Unlike the traditional human computer interaction (HCI) which mainly uses keyboards and mouse, novel HCI is trying to use more natural ways, such as sound, handwriting and gestures, as interacting methods between human and computers. This research project attempts to make use of the new sensors equipped with mobile devices (camera and projector) and develop a hand gesture based system for human (elders) to interact with computer systems and home appliances. For example, when situated in a new place, people want to know the current location, surrounding attractions and possible guidance to the destination. Accessing Google earth/map can be helpful in this situation. This system intends to use a projector to project the map into any surface and use a camera to capture the hand gestures to control the map browsing. The system can also use gestures to control other things like home appliances if needed. Compared with applications running in smart phones (like iphone), this system breaks the size constraints of the small touch screens.

The key challenges of this project include gesture positioning and capture, gesture spotting (how to separate the meaningful gestures with the unintentional gestures), gesture recognition in unknown environment, and gesture mapping with defined control functionalities in diverse situations.


12 Months (Jan. 2010 – Dec. 2010)

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