Personal services will be one of the major challenges of the XXI century. In 2050 the French population will have 31% of people over 60 years, with home health spending increased by 4 and spending on health facility multiplied by 20. In this context, ICTs have a role to play in helping the elderly, suffering from neurodegenerative diseases and / or disabled to remain independent for as long as possible, and in their home environment.The aim of HadapTIC project is to develop technologies to provide assistance to dependents people and ensure better safety and quality of life in their daily activity, while enabling significant savings in public health.
What makes us unique, and our strength is our ability to converge multiple technologies to develop intelligent systems that recognize and adapt itself to the needs of dependents.
To design and develop intelligent systems to facilitate the daily lives of dependent people, our schools are going to converge all the technologies developed within the Institute Telecom: embedded software, sensors, human machine interface, intelligent systems and adaptive , active systems security, biometrics, location-based ... but also his expertise in sociology, economics, psychology ...